Monday, 7 January 2013

Sampler Charts from the Admiraliteitshuis, Dokkum, Netherlands

Several years ago I had the privilege of a special tour of the samplers in Dokkum's museum at the charming Admiraliteitshuis - it is a wonderful collection and if you ever get the chance to travel to the north Netherlands, be sure to stop by. For those of you who can't make the trip, you can still purchase charts for their samplers. The lovely one above is from 1701 and costs €12.50

Above is a marvellous example of a Frisian sampler with its distinctive rows of graduated and decorative alphabets and ground (the row at the bottom). This sampler was worked between 1712-1714 by Tiertie Simmens and the chart costs €13.00

Prominent on the sampler dated 1716 above is a fabulous tree of life flanked by highly elaborate intials all surrounded by many Christian symbols. The price of this chart is €12.50

I am sorry not all these images are clear - but it is the best we have - above you can see that this sampler has a detailed ship and to the lower left is a marriage chest with a crib above, such were the aspirations of the girls at this time - 1718. This chart costs €12.50

The chart above is another beauty and text concerns Christ is the vine. Ths chart also costs €12.50

This last sampler is very special indeed - it was worked by Geeske Suidema, the burgermaster's daughter in 1761 and the chart costs €14. For more details contact


  1. Hi there,
    Do you know to negotiate the museums site in order to purchase pattern for the desired sampler?
    My choice is the 3rd in the above row of samplersThanks, Jeannie Furlong

  2. Here is the shop link:
    The best thing is probably to right click and save the image of the sampler you would like and attach it with your email request to purchase the sampler from the museum using the email link in the post. Hope that makes sense.