Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Samplers For Auction @ Mellors & Kirk 9 January 2013

Mellors & Kirk have a number of simple samplers for auction this week - some in lots of 3 and 4 - so you can really indulge any possible prinitive urges. The first above is Lot 343 which is a very busy colourful sampler teeming with motifs. It appears to have been worked in 1837 and is signed S. A. Clarke Age 12. There are no estimates given for any of these samplers.

Lot 347 is quite a late sampler which recalls earlier samplers. It was worked by P. S. Pearson at age 13 and is dated June 21st.

Lot 348 is a most interesting gift stitched by Elizabeth frances Crocker for her Aunt Sarah. Dated April 17th 1823 it contains the verse On Hope

Lot 354 by Elizabeth Pullan is so typical of its kind.

Lot 355 above is one of a set of 4 small red and white wool on linen samplers that comprise this lot. This one worked by Beatrice Metcalfe when 10 years old in New Clee at the Hilda (Street) Board School. New Clee, with fine, middle-class terrace villas built along both sides of Cleethorpe Road in Grimsby, North Yorkshire had street names such as Albert, Alexandra, Humber, Sunderland, Trinity and Victoria Terrace. To serve this new community, Hilda Street School opened in about 1878 and St John's Church was established in 1879.  
Lot 356 comprise 3 early/mid 19th century samplers worked in blue monochrome, this simple one above with its decorative branching border was stitched by Mary Harriss and is dated April 11 1842. For more details about these samplers and to see the other samplers at auction, click here.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I love the one with the verse On Hope, very different.

  2. These samplers are beautiful! I went to the site link you provided and only came up with one sampler. Am I not looking in the right place? I searched for the lot numbers as success.