Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Ros Tapestry * New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland

Europe's largest embroidered tapestry was conceived in 1998 and begun in 1999 and was handcrafted by more than 150 embroiderers from Co.Wexford and Southeast Ireland. Its 15 large panels depict the story from Celtic Ireland to the events which led to the arrival of the Normans to Ireland and the subsequent founding of the Port of Ros by William Marshal & his wife Isabel de Clare.
Careful and thorough research by Ann Griffin Bernstorff into historical events, customs, dress and folklore ranging from the value of cattle under the Brehon laws to the troubadours of Aquitaine and the many Italian bankers who operated in medieval Ros, provides the substance of the tapestry's narrative. You can see the tapestry at Ros Tapestry Exhibition Centre, Priory Court, The Quay, New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland. Click here for more details.

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  1. i love it and thank you once again for sharing so much with us.