Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Tapestry at Ferns Castle, County Wexford, Ireland

The Ferns Tapestry consists of 25 panels of crewel embroidery worked on Irish linen which depicts the history of the village from the Iron Age (around 500 BC) to the arrival of the Normans in the twelfth century AD.

The Tapestry was designed and embroidered by 25 women from the local community. They started in September 1998 and finished 5 years later, in June 2003.

To get from the chosen images to the final panel required several steps. Each panel was first drawn in pencil onto paper, to the actual size of the completed work. Then the colour codes were added and the picture was then transferred to the backing material by placing the material over a light box and tracing the image onto the material and adding the colour codes. The material was then pinned to a light wood frame ready for the stitching to start.
The tapestry is on display at the Visitors' Centre at ferns Castle, in Ferns, County Wexford Ireland. Click here for more details.

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