Thursday 8 September 2011

Well Done Wendy - and Thank You!

I have just had an email from Wendy who has solved the puzzle surrounding the sampler in Das Stickmuster Museum in Celle which Naomi posed yesterday. The Fossate family is not Fossate - but Fosgate. This is a salutory lesson in deciphering some sampler lettering as frequently the letter G resembles S. Wendy writes that Robert Fosgate was the son of Joel Fosgate and Naomi Gilbert. Robert married Hannah Sawyer. The families are from the USA and coincidently, given the resting place of the sampler is now in Germany, Robert Fosgate hailed from Berlin, Worcester, Massachusetts. Robert and Hannah's son Oliver served in the army during the Civil War. The source of this information is the LDS database. Well done and thank you, Wendy. And thanks also to Elena who quite correctly pointed out that although Fossate is an Italian name, the family could still be British. (In fact my wedding ring came from Fattorini's, a Yorkshire and British jeweller.)

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