Friday 23 September 2011

Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art * Newark Museum, USA * 14 September - 31 December 2011 * Special Quilt Turning 27 September

Since purchasing its first quilt in 1918, Newark Museum has amassed one of the most comprehensive quilt collections in the USA, both stylistically and historically, consisting of more than 150 pieces today. Such as as this crib or child’s quilt, early 2004-2005. Bibijan Ibrahimsahib, Kendalgri, India. Cotton, 37”H x 49”W. (Purchase 2006 The Members’ Fund 2006.32.2) Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art tracks the evolution of quilts—from functional masterpieces of women’s folk art to self-conscious artworks intended for display rather than practical purposes. Many have never been on public view before. The exhibition features more than two dozen quilts, some created with powerful graphic designs pieced together from geometric patches of silk, wool or cotton, while other are more complex works of narrative folk art, filled with appliqué motifs and embroidered enrichment. Album quilts, commemorative quilts and crazy quilts—all of these were ways in which women in centuries past built community and were able to express their artistic skills within the confines of gender roles. Contemporary studio quilters have also embraced the historic traditions of their craft, while creating a kind of quilt that has only existed since the late twentieth century. Accompanying this exhibition is The Global Art of Patchwork: Africa and Asia, showcasing work of patchwork traditions outside the world of quilts, also drawn from the Museum’s holdings. For more details click here.
On 27 september there will be a special quilt turning day which will be a special opportunity to study and explore 32 quilts from the Museum's collection brought out of storage specially for this event. With four experts present to reflect upon and discuss the unique pieces, visitors will gain familiarity with what lies behind the stitches and patterns of these rare masterpieces.
Fee: $35 for members; $50 for non-members
Pre-registration required, call 973.596.6613 or purchase tickets online.
Program: 10:30–11:30am Lecture: Quilts Uncovered at the Newark Museum
Speaker: Ulysses Dietz, Senior Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts.
11:30am–1pm Tours of the exhibitions, Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art and The Global Art of Patchwork.
1–2pm Lunch
2–4pm Quilt Turning
For more details of the Quilt Turning Event click here.

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