Monday 5 September 2011

Needleprint Motif Libraries and The Winner of the Draw for the Vierlande II Library and 11 Mini Samplers

I hadn't realised that when we composed the second library of Vierlande motifs, we had neatly arrange all the motifs in a sampler format. It was an email for Linda that sparked the idea that the library could be stitched to make a beautiful sampler and that we should run a stitchalong for those wanting to embark on this project - how right for the coming showery months ahead. Click here to visit the new Vierlande Stitchalong blog. So thank you, Linda, for that brilliant inspiration. The motifs in our libraries are compilations from a number of sources taken directly from antique samplers around the world. The Vierlande II library is a companion to our Vierlande I set. We also have compilations of old European motifs, and the Ackworth School Pattern Book. As always the mail was full of those hoping to win the draw, and because I am a great softie I shall extend the prize from 1 winner to 10 winners who are: Lyn in Australia, Louise in Montbazin, Annelies in the Netherlands, Marie in the USA, Julie in Arizona, Jane in New York, Helen in Seatle, Elaine M, jennifer and Cy from places yet unknown. You will all be receiving an email and link to download your gift shortly. Thank you to all who participated again, I am sorry if you are disappointed this time, but don't give up, there will be other super draws to come.

Download now. This is the second volume of the Vierlande motif library and comes with a separate eBook containing 11 additional mini-Vierlande sampler projects for you. The cost is: $20, £10, 15€ or 2,000¥

Download now.  This is the first library of rich motifs from the special Vierlande region of North Germany. The cost is $8, £5, 6€ or 800¥.

Download now. The first library of Old European Motifs in PDF format with bonus files for Cross Stitch Designer or MacStitch. The cost is $8, £5, 6€ or 800¥.

Download now. The second library of European motifs in PDF and bonus Cross Stitch Designer or MacStitch format. The cost is $8, £5, 6€ or 800¥.


  1. Cant believe my luck, I am so very pleased. I,m from Ireland, I forgot to say on my email.

    Thanks for this great chance.

    Elaine M

  2. I too was excited to find that I had won! I can't wait to begin the SAL. Sorry I did not say where I was from. I live in Kentucky - USA.

  3. I am soo pleased with the pattern.
    I hope to start soon with the pattern.