Wednesday 28 September 2011

Needleprint Give Away - Amager Panel 1799

The island of Amager is just a short bus ride away from central Copenhagen - not far from the end of the airport runway, in fact. But the people of Amager were a world apart from their host Denmark.
Invited to Copenhagen by King Christian in 1523 to grow vegetables for the King's pantry, families from the Netherlands were given land on Amager.
They were exempt from taxes, were to all intents self-ruling, and continued to listen to sermons in Dutch until the middle of the 19th century. They continued to wear their own distinctive costumes which you can see here. And continued to stitch their own distinctive patterns. Sometimes these monochrome patterns were knitted using moss stitch to create wonderful fishing Ganseys.
So this week you can enter a draw for a free copy of this lovely chart which also has a birthday list and mini-projects for you. To enter the draw simply click on the flying angel below. The results of the draw will be announced on Monday 3 October - Good Luck to you all!


  1. I did visit Amager last year and was impressed by the beautiful things in the museum. Espescially the needle work was impressiv, but also their beautiful clothes and the juwelry. I love their patterns and would love to win a pattern! Greetings

  2. Lovely patterns - want to knit them!

  3. What a beautiful pattern!.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. lovely giveaway
    Please enter me

  5. Beautiful giveaway. Thank you so much for the chance!
    Blessings to You,