Saturday 24 September 2011

The Creation Collection by Alex Beattie - Special Sale Prices

Here is a brilliant project for any church stitching group who would love to make something for their church but don't quite know where to start in terms of design. Alex Beattie has designed this creation set of 6 panels correspoding to the 6 active days of creation. Here they are pictured in order starting at Day 1 and finishing with Day 6. Each measures 16" or 41cm square.
And what is more they come in kits, each with its own printed 12 hole to the inch canvas, needle, full instructions and pure new wool yarns.
Perhaps even better news, they have been reduced from the original price of £45 each to just £29.95.
Imagine them stitched and framed around the church. Or as a banner. Or as a long panel. Or as special kneelers or cushions.
They would certainly be a talking point in any format, and what a pleasure to work as a group now the autumn evenings are closing in. They are available from Ehrman Tapestry - just click here for more details and how to order instructions.


  1. These are incredible! I've just emailed the link to our vicar, I'm sure she'll love them.

  2. I've seen and admired these designs in prior Ehrman catalogues. The design of the circle in the square is carried out so well throughout the series.

    I also think that they would harmonize well with more traditional tapestry work in various churches.

  3. OH my... these are gorgeous! I don't do much needlework these days, but I can sure admire someone else's handwork!