Sunday 31 July 2011

Weddings More Weddings and Gorgeous Lace from Sheelin Irish Lace Museum

Yesterday saw Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips marry in Edinburgh. On the same day, Janet, one of the key assistants on the second volume of the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection, attended a wedding at a no less distinguished venue than HMS Warrier in Portsmouth Harbour - it was touch and go with heels on those companionways, I am told!
Ireland has a famous history of needle-made lace and some beautiful items can still be purchased for brides of today from the Sheelin Lace Museum Shop. I wish all small bridesmaids were as docile as Rosebud Bear in her antique Limerick Lace dress.
I am an unreformed traditionalist when it comes to wedding dresses and much as I think all brides look beautiful on their special day, I do hanker for a shift away from bare backs and shoulders - a lace covering is so much more flattering and covers those goosebumps whether from nerves or chilly churches. These beautiful lace bodices are a dream and they can swiftly be switched for an evening bodice for the later dancing. And you simply cannot dispense with a veil.

And perhaps the evening gown can be given that special bridal touch also with a fabulous lace and bead choker.
Above is a bride's bag decorated this time with bobbin lace.
The Sheelin Antique Lace Museum and Shop is privately owned by Rosemary Cathcart and houses approximately 700 fabulous exhibits. It is located in Bellanaleck near Enniskillen in Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and you can find out more by clicking here.


  1. What beautiful lace.
    I quite agree with the comment about wedding dresses. The look does not suit everyone but it's often hard to find a dress with a covered top these days.
    I read an article in a bridal mag about a woman who obsessed over every detail of her lovely wedding but in the photos you could clearly see her tan lines and uneven coloured shoulders and neckline!

  2. absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed your post about lace. Beautiful pics!