Wednesday 6 July 2011

A Draw to Dye For * Win Amy Mitten's Fabulous Book * An Autopsy of The Montenegrin Stitch * Exhumed

Continuing our week of wonders (I am so glad you are enjoying this as much as I am!), we have another draw for a give away, thanks to the kindness of Amy Mitten, Canadian creator of the fabulous range of hand-dyed silks -Fibers to Dye For.
Some years ago Amy produced an extraordinary, detailed guide on working Montenegrin stitch - it was so sought after that it quickly went out of print. However, Amy has now republished the book - or Exhumed it! And you can click here to visit Amy's brand new website to order a copy straight away.

Montenegrin stitch could be described as a very elegant and succinct joined up cross stitch for the connoisseur, and is great fun to work when you have mastered its ins and outs and turns and twists and how to make it double-sided.

The stitch is found often on early 17th century band samplers and the stunning Dorothy Ward Sampler - a chart for which you can find inside the jacket of The Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection Volume 1 - is an example. It can of course be worked in cross stitch - but more authentically in Montenegrin.
To enter the draw simply click on the flying angel below and tell me why An Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch would be useful to you.  The winner will be announced next Wednesday 13 July - Good Luck! And see you tomorrow for another surprise give away........

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