Friday 8 July 2011

The New Needleprint Book Has Arrived & A Right Royal Doggie Bag Give Away

Ojoyojoyojoy! The new Needleprint books have now cleared customs and are safely stowed in our warehouse! We shall be frantically packing over the weekend to get all the shop and guild orders out on Monday. (You may just have to be a bit patient with your guild or shop - but your books will soon have wings.)
On the subject of celebrations, it has been a right Royal year for them, and I know that some of you, even though you have polished your tiara and prinked your ermine, the invite must have got lost over the Atlantic. Never mind - here is the next best thing - a crowned corgi doggy tote to remember the cucumber and egg and cress sandwiches you almost had. Although made for another company, I was so impressed by their logo which reads: Happiness in Every Stitch - that I just had to adopt it for us for a give away. So another draw - and because you must be totally exhausted after all yesterday's dashing round trying to find me at the sea-side (I am sorry I was not one of the red ladies in the tall black Tudor hat....), all you have to do today is click the flying angel to enter the draw for the bag - and the winner will be announced next Friday 15 July. Just think of all the stash you can get in that bag!


  1. I couldn't find you yesterday!!
    Where were you?

  2. Oh - I was hiding.......and I keep moving every day.