Thursday 7 July 2011

Treasure Hunt Give Away & Cristina's Deborah Cockin

It is wonderful to see how Cristina's Deborah Cockin sampler is developing so beautifully in Portugal - I love those greens, Cristina! Continuing our week of celebrations we have a special draw this eveing which I have combined with a treasure seek to make it a bit more fun. When I was small we would go for our family holidays to Bridlington, on the bracing (this is a Yorkshire expression for blooming cold) East coast. Living in a textile town, the mill's annual closure determined when we could take that holiday - everyone in our neighbourhood headed for the coast at the same time - I hesitate to say like lemmings because I am sure lemmings don't carry quite so much luggage with them. In between showers and bracing blasts we would enjoy the odd treat of a visit to a Milk Bar. Parents would enjoy a hot Horlicks in special mugs which although they handles, you could never get your fingers through to hold the mug properly and so you you could get quite excited about whether you would scald yourself or not. We children would watch the machine that whizzed up a milkshake for us which we drank through a straw and blue lips, shivering with delight or the draught or something else beginning with d.... Occasionally there was a chance to win an American magazine or comic at one of the fairground attractions and we always went along to a show on the promenade, which I found rather boring as the jokes were way above my head. What I liked most about the show was going through the big double doors marked Entrance which I always read as a command and not a noun - as indeed I persuade myself to do to this day, being the shy person I am, ...mmm who shall I meet and entrance now going through this door? (It is a little mantra to stop my teeth chattering!) But one of the most irrestible activities was to go hunting for the undercover newspaper man who would sneak around town and if you spotted him, you went over to him and said: I spotted you, I hereby claim my £5! or words to that effect. My apologies for being vague because I never actually got to spot him personally. I wished I had because £5 then was more than a week's wage and I wanted to give it to my parents to say thank you for taking me on such lovely holidays. So, coming back to Deborah Cockin, here is your chance to win a free download of that chart - or any other Needleprint Download of your choice. All you have to do is find me at the sea-side. There is a picture of me at the seaside hiding on our Needleprint Gift Shop - to get there just look at the top of the right hand column on the blog, under the Deborah Cockin sampler and click on the picture that reads Tokens of Love Needleprint Gift Shop. Then browse through the downloads on offer to see what you would like - and sometime while you are doing that you will find me. Just click on the flying angel below to tell me which Needleprint product I was hiding with and which Needleprint download you would like if you win the draw which we will do next Thursday.


  1. Oh, I love this little story - I have just seen on of the newer Poirot's with David Suchet, and he is in a seaside town (forget which one) where people keep coming up to him and demanding their prize, which of course, flummoxes him. Nice to see a little detail like this that is part of people's collective memory...


  2. Your bits of history with the quips that open a window into life as a Brit as quite endearing to me...Julie's 'flummoxes' describes Poirot to a tea, and does 'crack me up' as I too keep up with the adventures of Poirot' and have see him flummoxed on several occasions!
    "Enthralled' is what I am with all of the 'history' provided on life as it was during the war...I have a friend whose Mother was the US due to some connection that no one seems to really know...and to think of the deprivation that must have been as we're so flushed with stuff....can you imagine having to risk your own safety to be able to stitch? What a life!

    Have a wonderful weekend...It is HOT 11 degrees+, yes, great motivation to stay in and stitch!
    Happy stitching,