Friday 1 July 2011

Multiplication - Another Sarah Moon at Auction

There are some interesting items coming up for auction soon - so I thought you would like a bit of notice before the event. Here is a rather special George III period alphabet sampler, which is also worked with a times table. It was stitched by Sarah Jane Moon when she was just 7 years in 1814. Whether she is a relation to our Ackworth scholar Sarah Moon is too early to say. This sampler measures 31 x 19 cm and comes with another undated alphabet sampler by Rebecca Shakespear Downing aged 8 years. Both are mounted in maple frames and are Lot 806 for sale on 5th and 6th July with an estimate of £80 - £12 at Andrew Smith and Son Auctioneers - click here for more details.

Worked a little later in 1824 which makes it George IV period is this unfinished sampler which has all the hall marks of coming from north of the border in Scotland - it is waiting for Margaret Somerville to mark it with the rows of family initials. Mounted in a rosewood frame it measures 37cm wide x 48cm high and is Lot 111 for sale with an estimate of £200-£300 on 13 July by Halls Fine Art Auctioneers - for more details click here.

Finally - a 9 foot pronkerolle or Souvenir de Ma Jeunesse - this is one of the long rolls which is composed of items of stitching worked over a number a school years. This one worked by Kathleen measures 103ins x 9.5ins. She has dated the sampler component April 12, 1909 and states it was a Souvenir of St Ursula's. While there were Ursuline convents on the continent - this may have been stitched nearer home. In 1902 the Ursulines of Jesus were given permission to open a school in Dover which was to be a day school for English girls and a boarding school for French girls. And here is an early picture of the school from a postcard.

The Souvenir Roll is Lot 731 for auction on 12th and 13th July with an enticing estimate of £100-£150 at the Canterbury Auction Galleries - click here for more details.

Out of print for sometime, Sarah Moon's Medallion sampler is amongst the earliest in the Ackworth collection. This sampler favourite is now available as a download.


  1. What wonderful pieces and such beautiful work they did.


  2. Interesting post Jackie. I used to work in Dover and drove down Park Avenue every day. I worked for a local solicitor and whilst working in the Probate Department I read a diary written by a very old lady who lived in Park Avenue. It made fascinating reading but her family didn't even bother to claim it. I will look out for the convent when I next go into Dover although I'm not sure if it's still there but if it is I will take some pictures. Kathleen's pronkerolle is beautiful!

  3. I do love the first sampler with the multiplication table. Very beautiful.

  4. How sad that families are not interested even in diaries - what is everyone thinking about?!