Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sunbury Millenium Embroidery and Jigsaw

How can it be so long since the Millenium? I am still stumbling across some lovely stitching projects worked by local communities to celebrate 2000 and the one at Sunbury on Thames stumbled across me in the most delightful way when I was antiquing in Dorking. It was the subject of one of the lovely Wentworth wooden jigsaws which I collect avidly whenever I find them. So I went hunting for more information. The embroidery is composed of a central panel with eight side panels. Here you can see the central panel depicting the village which is composed of over 130 separate pieces of embroidery. These include churches and pubs, hotels, shops and house-boats as well as many features of local flora and fauna. Do visit the website for more information on the stitching and embroiderers.
And, yes, the puzzle is wonderful collector's item. It comes boxed with a nice green bag for the pieces together with a brochure on the embroidery project. I love the eccentric jigsaw shapes - some of them are in shapes of small ducks! There are 250 pieces that will amuse two people for an afternoon. The jigsaw can be shipped worldwide and for more details about buying one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, just click here.

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