Tuesday 5 July 2011

Free Download - Sweetie Multiplication Chart

I had so many emails about the Multiplication Sampler which featured on our auction spot last week. Maaike from the Netherlands was flabberghasted to say the least. Sometime ago, when looking forward to going into teaching, Maaike designed and began stitching a multiplication sampler without ever having seen one before. Maaike finished the table at 8 since the hardest multiplications to learn are those by 6 and by 8 (and I can certainly remember the struggles with the 8 times table!)
Then, as is so often the case, Life intervenes with its alternative plans for us, and Maaike's sampler was put on hold. Coming back to it, she cut up the linen, and inspired by the Needleprint Red and White Sweetie, she brought to completion the multiplication section. And it looks wonderful, doesn't it? And what is more, Maaike's oldest daughter got her multiplication certificate last week! Congratulations to you both.
So, as part of our week's celebrations and giveaways and inspired in our turn by Maaike's work, we decided to extend our Red and White and Sweetie with a multiplication section. Hopefully, those of you who have started may not have reached the end by now, so you can just add on the table. There is also space at the bottom for you to incorporate your name or initials.
If you are just beginning you might also like to see how it would look if worked in blue.
And the little girls here at the moment are vastly into purple - the new pink - so if you are thinking of making for a present for a girl, here is an idea of how ecru silk on pale purple would work.
So, it is my pleasure to continue this celebration week with a free download for you. Just click here for the PDF download - and if you have the Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer Software you can click here for a free editable version. Remember to choose the option to Save and not Open.


  1. Thank you so much - I remember learning my multiplication tables in 4th grade, and they've stayed with me to this day. Kathie L in Allentown

  2. Thank you very much ! I am delighted.

  3. Thank you so very much. I will stitch this for my two granddaughters to hang in their room. Hopefully it will make the learning process easier for them. You're very kind to us all. Thank you, Jane M. in Upstate New York

  4. Many thanks. very useful when you have an 8 years old daughter !
    Kind regards

  5. This is lovely - thank you for the chart although I don't suppose you have this in Macstitch too?

  6. I am sorry we have no editable MacStitch version this time.

  7. Thank you very much. It's a wonderful pattern.