Monday 1 August 2011

Amanda Vickery Writes on the Life and Luxury in Paris Exhibition at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles

It shows how busy it gets here when it is Monday before I can catch up on Saturday's newspapers! But I sat down today at last and had my lunch while keeping a low profile behind the review section of the Guardian.
I love Amanda Vickery's writing and so I was delighted that there was a double page article on fashion and life in 18th century Paris she had written which she began with Voltaire's contemporary observation: 'We are the whipped cream of Europe'. But, as you can see, all that luxury did not result in completely idle hands for the rich women - above they are portrayed busy at their stitching and other works. Below is another matter -but, well - one simply has to make oneself look decent, don't one? The full text of Amanda's article is available for you to enjoy on line - just click here.
The exhibition itself has just another week to run - so if you are able to get along, do visit - it sounds wonderful! Click here for directions and visiting times. But if you are not able to visit there is a book by Charissa Bremer-David of the Getty Museum which documents the background to the exhibition.

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