Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farmers' Auction at Penrith Cumbria and Four Give Aways

A friend recently visiting Cumbria asked me for details about good antique shops there. While there are a few, there are not really that many - not like you find in Dorking or Petworth say. I suggested she look out for car boot sales of which there seem to be many and also auctions. One of the auctions I most look forward to is the Farmers' Auction in Penrith. Penrith is a great centre and easy to get to by whatever transport you have. This month there are some special quilts which are always gogeous to linger over trying to identify the fabrics and patterns used. The quilt above is Lot 69 in the next Farmers' Auction to be held on 17 and 18 August. It is a 19TH century hexagonal patched quilt showing a variety of patterned fabrics. Hand sewn it measures 222cm x 201cm (90" x 80") and has an estimate of £150 - £200.
Moygashel was the name I used to love toying with when watching my sisters make up dresses - it ranked up there with Guipure as the stuff of dreams. Moygashel is a mill town in Ireland founded primarily by Huguenot weavers in 1795 who made the town a byword for the finest quality woven in the world. And Moygashel linen is found pieced in Lot 68 - an Irish frame quilt made from plain blue frames surrounding coloured squares of linen, twill and Moygashel fabric samples, backed with Irish tweed, hand quilted in the traditional Irish wave pattern using linen thread. It measures 191cm x 150cm (76" x 60") and has an estimate of £100 - £150.
Then there is lot 77. Here is an early 19th century patchwork quilt made from a variety of early chintz and veined fabric samples and hand quilted with swirls, fans, diamonds, chevrons and shell patterns. It measures 261cm x 256cm (104" x 102") and has an esitmate of £350 - £400. For more details click here. Happy bidding.
It seems ages since we had a give away - and, sticking with our quilting theme tonight, I just happen to have some spare buttons that I bought at the V&A when I went to visit the popular Quilt Exhibition there. So, if you weren't able to visit yourself, but would like a souvenir then just click on the flying angel below and four lucky winners will be picked out and announced next Monday, 8 August.

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  1. Thank you for showing us these quilts! I have friends in Cumbria but I've never heard of this auction - I'm off to follow your link!