Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tapestry by Candlelight

Imagine our village church by candle light, imagine it full to the gunwales so that 'Love Thy Neighbour' is a precondition of being there, imagine cascades of violins and the most magnificent acoustics, imagine the intimacy of violas, violins, cellos and bass playing right in front of you by the painted iconostasis, imagine chatting with friends and drinking wine around table tombs in the moonlight, imagine the delightful summer evening we had tonight. The players were the Tapestry Chamber Orchestra and the event was a fundraiser for our local cancer charity and for new shingles on the church bellcote. And the vicar said he never expected to hear 'Jealousy' in his church nave! The theme was music from the shows that included Intermezzo, Schindler's List; Breakfast at Tiffany's; The Mission and Sailcloth. I thought of you while I was enjoying all this and so wished you could be there too - perhaps in your imagination you can. I hope so.


  1. That must have been amazing!!

  2. Beautiful, wish I could have been there...

  3. Because of your link to Tapestry's web site I was able to do just that.....use my imagination. What a lovely evening, and for such a worthy cause. An experience not soon forgotten, thanks for including us.