Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What Will Cristina Do Next?

Cristina in Portugal has just finished her Deborah Cockin sampler using crisp, clear greens complemented by the lovely blue signing. Talking of signing I do like the way Cristina has added her own name and date to the bottom of the sampler. It is worthwhile thinking a century ahead of when you finish your sampler. What will happen to it? Who will be looking at it, studying it in 100 years time? What will they make of it? Give them some good clues, please. So, having finished this wonderful sampler (and you can see more detail on Cristina's lovely blog - just click here) the question is - what will Cristina do next?
The answer, she tells me, will be to stitch her Hannah Westcombe Sampler.
Hannh Westcombe's 1783 sampler is one of the earliest text samplers at Ackworth and a most interesting piece. It is a very satisfying sampler to stitch and looks stunning whether it is stitched in the original black or in a space-dyed deep purple, blue, burgundy or green.
There are just a few copies of the printed chart remaining and it comes with an addition 5 text projects in various sizes.
My favourite project is the one on the back, I have to say. To see more just click here.

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