Saturday, 27 August 2011

Golden Girls Exhibit in Schiphol Airport * 7 September - 12 December

Did you know that Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is the first airport to have its own museum gallery? What a welcome relief from the tedium of airport waiting and transfers. Come on all the other airports! From 7 September to 12 December, the exhibition Dutch Girls will feature at the Schiphol Airport annex of the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition will consist of a small collection of nine well-to-do, leading models from the Golden Age, most stunningly painted by among others Frans Hals, Caesar van Everdingen, Isaak Luttichuys, and Barholomeus van der Helst. The paintings demonstrate the timelessness of vanity. Even in the 17th century, women and girls tried to look their best, particularly when they were immortalised in portraits. Painters portrayed models as attractive as possible, while also attempting to capture their true character. Great care was also taken to paint their luxurious, fashionable clothing and jewellery. So when you flying across the pond, make sure to use the Schiphol hub won't you?


  1. Here in the US, many airports have museums. You are right, it makes a nice change when one has
    a long lay over. Look here:
    Congratulations to Amsterdam on this fine museum.

  2. Thank you so much for this information on US airport museums.