Saturday, 13 August 2011

What A Company of Friends Did Next!

Those inspired and creative genii, Becky and Julie, In The Company of Friends, have done it again. They have come up with a wonderful new set of stitching accoutrements. Here is just one of the darling items in the new range - Mademoiselle's Oak Tree Folly Shoe Etui.
Mademoiselle's shoe, which sports an antiqued thimble heel, caches glass-headed pins and tapestry needles in the 100% wool insert in the toe. It is delightfully embellished with a hint of antique ivory lace, a mother-of-pearl button and pretty silk bow. To see other items in this range and to browse the delights on offer In The Company of Friends, just click here.


  1. i love "In the Company of Friends" ideas and this one is especially clever and so cute. Proud to call them my friends.

  2. I went and checked out their creations and was so delighted! So imaginative, useful, and clever. And how can their prices be so low? Definitely a site I've bookmarked. Thank you for writing about this group! Just as an aside, follow you on bloglovin to make sure I never miss a post.

  3. That is a really fun and creative piece.


  4. What a neat idea for an etui. I will be bookmarking this site. Thanks for the information.