Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Collection - On-Line Soon!

Having mentioned The Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Collection, I had a number of emails today on this topic. Some of you know that this collection is probably the largest and most comprehensive collection of needlework (including samplers) and lace in the UK. What many do not know, is that its primary intention is to be a teaching collection - and as such, pieces are available on loan for hands on study - do make use of it if you can. Mike Millward - a hero of mine - has devoted years to imaging most of the 27,000 items in the collection (no, I didn't stick too many noughts on the end of that number!) and soon the collection will be on-line study also. Mike is a wonderful speaker, should you need one. He had us totally enthralled at Ackworth2008 and we loved his tales of life in the collection at Gawthorpe Hall. In an office that also doubled as archive space, space being tight, Mike had the best corner in ladies' underwear, he told us. Do keep your eyes on the collection website for news. Do visit the collection. And do make use of the collection if you are a guild or a study group. Click here to keep updated.
Many pieces in Gail Marsh's book can be found in the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Collection.

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