Tuesday 26 April 2011

Lynne Roche's Needlework and The First Bath Spring Doll Fair * 19 June 2011

Many of you emailed to say how much you liked the post about Lynne Roche Dolls - - and I have to tell you that now I have actually seen and held Lynne Roche dolls and they are even more marvellous than they appear in the pictures. They are such beautifully crafted objects - their limbs are a wonder of superbly jointed wood that move with ease but are totally robust - and that is not to go into raptures about the clothes which Lynne designs and hand makes herself for each prototype.
Lynne shares my love of stumpwork and brought along some examples of her needlework to show me, and to share with you. I loved this bonnetted child holding a garland of flowers in her pinny. It is a tiny work and yet you can see all the meticulous attention to detail - it has Lynne Roche stitched all over it!
Another favourite piece is this vignetted profile of a Regency woman - which is utterly delightful.
As you can see from the close-up details shown here.
If you would like to see more of Lynne's dolls do visit the first ever Spring Doll Fair in Bath - it is just the perfect time to visit Bath in June. I am told there will be some early wooden dolls there...and possibly even an Izannah! If you would like to see more of Lynne's dolls, just click here.

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