Sunday 3 April 2011

Do You Remember that...? Mothers' Day at The Museum of London (Collection Now On-Line)

One of my favourite days out with my mother was visiting the local museum. Always busy and preoccupied, my mother would find time to chat about lighter things over her needlework, but then there was always someone coming to the door, cooking food that needed a watchful eye, the next pressing task awaiting which would suddenly snip through the thread of memories in mid-unwinding.
Much better were Sundays at the local museum. Here there were no demon demands lurking in corners. Just a lovely hour or so of wandering round the exhibits, saying things like, Do you remember that doll? We had one like that when I was little! I remember those!
Now I love to love to browse museums with my own children. I always remember the day when my youngest daughter who was three at the time, said, "When I am a big girl, and you are a little girl, can I choose your clothes?"
Maybe as a special Mothers' Day treat you can visit the Museum of London with a mother or daughter and have a wonderful day out in this fabulous museum of memories, some shared, some lost, some found, all special to someone. And if you live too far away to visit in person, you can now visit on-line. Make a nice pot of tea and some cup-cakes and invite your family to look with you. I am sure you will find things out you never knew before. Just click here to visit the Museum of London on-line.

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