Thursday 7 April 2011

Cherry Blossom Viewing Time

Your may remember that some weeks ago, Kathy Bungard of Gracewood Stitches offered us a free chart called Sanctuary for Japan in return for a donation to Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake Relief. Here you can see a finished example - with a very special twist. Sophie from Canada has taken as her inspiration some beautiful Sakura blossom for the central panel.
This is the time of year when Japanese families take picnics and go to the parks to enjoy all the beautiful cherry blossom, now appearing. For some in Jpan, this year, this looked forward to event will not be the same. We are hearing of another severe earthquake in the north of Japan.
If you missed Kathy's chart the first time round you can download now. Please, please, please make a donation to your local Japan Relief Charity in return. Thank you for your generosity and thanks to Kathy again for her kindness. Click here to see more Gracewood Stitches Designs. I hope the Book of Condolences and Comfort is a little more friendly now I know a bit better how it works. Your words of support do mean so much. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Sophie, I LOVE it!!! What a special adaptation that is uniquely your own and so beautifully captures the spirit of the piece.