Friday 22 April 2011

Name That Band - Thank You To Everyone

Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas for naming bands on 17th century samplers - all the contributors could identify have been mentioned in the forthcoming Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection Volume I. Just to recap: the aim of this challenge was to devise names for bands so that we could describe bands more succinctly and meaningfully. Lovely names were suggested, but it was felt, in the end that what was required was a system that would allow anyone, given a few rules, to be able to describe any band - and similarly for another person given those same rules, to be able to visualise the band described. Three elements were chosen to form part of the naming convention: The main object of the band - type of flower or figure; the connection between them; main incidents other than the main subject. So here you can see some of those names. The linking arcade or trellis is described by giving the number of sections in each repeat, by describing the type of link pattern and also whether the link is single or doubled. Once people are familiar with the naming technique and are used to using it, then I am sure short forms of the names will develop, in the same way as we know plants now without resorting to their Latin taxonomies. Thank you all once again.

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