Friday 1 April 2011

Just Peace Together

Yes, like everyone, I am yearning for just peace. I am also yearning for a piece from Christine Mayer's Peace Collection which she is producing to raise money in support of various charity projects for children in Nepal and India. Click here to see just one.
Featured in the latest Selvedge Magazine, Christine's Peace Collection brings recycled textiles to fashion and charity to the catwalk. Every garment is unique and hand-made, pieced from an eclectic mix of linen and jute items, each having its own history and memory of other times, other places. This is exactly where I started in textiles in the 70s, recycling chenille and lace curtains, old silk scarves and denim for the Boho look of its time. My sister beaded long table cloths for evening dresses and we sold items on Cambridge Market. It is astonishing what can be made - maybe you could find some pieces that speak to you and make a special bag or scarf. Recycling is such a rewarding path to follow.
Maybe you have already made something from recyled textiles and would like to share it with us?

It would be lovely to sell your items and donate some of the proceeds to your local Japan Relief Fund, wouldn't it?


  1. Beautiful clothing, love the look.
    Wish I had saved all those retro and vintage clothes I had years ago.


  2. great idea and the pictures are incredible.