Monday 4 April 2011

Free Give Away * Vintage Modes & Travaux Points de Marque Volume 2

It really has been too long since we have had a give away - my apologies, I can only plead pressure of work. But, here we are at last. This give away is open to everybody.

This is a very special item, a complete 16 panel cross-stitch pattern leporello from Cartier Bresson's Modes et Travaux, full of lovely alphabets and borders.
Funnily enough, I didn't find it on one of my many trips to France, but up near the Scottish borders.....and just to add to the miles this little booklet has travelled, the lady who bought it in May 1955 lived in London! We are truly an international community of stitchers, aren't we?
Well, it is simply lovely and I'd love to give it away to you - all you have to do is to click on the flying angel and tell me which has been your favourite Needleprint blog post this year. We shall draw a winner from your replies and the winner will be announced next week on 11 April.


  1. I tried to click on the angel but my computer is not set for this...I wil email you and put the giveaway in the title, hope that is alright!
    What a lovely giveaway!!!
    Margaret B

  2. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the email angel - but I do have your email now. Good luck with the draw!

  3. This may be an odd pick, but I love the "braces" entry. I love old stuff (of course) and anytime I see a vehicle for embroidery I have never considered it grabs my attention. The pattern was pretty cute too.

    Also, so scandalous! Under-breeches! IMAGINE *huff*.

  4. The charts are beautiful!! Thank you so very much for your generosity!

  5. Well for me, that's simple! The post that is my very favorite is the one where you introduced my "Queen" to your readers. Why? Well because that is the post that introduced your blog to me! And, I'm so glad that you found I could find you!
    P.S. Angel didn't work for me either. :)