Saturday 16 April 2011

Pat's Lovely Finish to Sarah Harris

It was lovely to hear from Pat, a friend from Maryland, and to hear that she had finished her Sarah Harris. The sampler is now off to the framers. Pat says: No one that sees Sarah thinks she looks like "me", but she was a pleasure to stitch, always something interesting to see in Sarah's interpretation of Quaker motifs.
Your sampler is really lovely, Pat, and I am so pleased you took a chance on stitching this unusual Quaker Sampler. To say thank you, I shall be sending a copy of the the new book as a present. To see more of Sarah Harris, just click here.


  1. Wow!!!
    Just a word....Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your nice comments, Sarah really was fun to stitch. And Jacqueline, I'm gob-smacked, as you put it there in the UK, the new book is really too generous a gift. My first stitching award!!!
    Thank you so much!