Thursday 14 April 2011

The Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection

Perhaps only once in your life might you have the chance to view a private, world-class collection of needlework. Even then, there would never be time sufficient to enjoy the fabulous, fascinating detail of all these stitched masterpieces outside of the dimmed light necessary for their conservation. However, in this first volume of a two volume set, thanks to the generosity of Elizabeth & Micheál Feller in opening up their magnificent collection, your opportunity will soon arrive.

Over several decades, Micheál and Elizabeth Feller have lovingly brought together and restored many fine pieces of needlework and in this forthcoming publication of Volume 1 of their collection you too will be able to appreciate some of that beauty which has inspired them. We expect the books to be back from the printers at the end of June.
You can order through your LNS, through your Guild (special discounts apply - please email). The ISBN is 9780955208652 and the recommended price is $80, £40 or 60 Euros.


  1. Eo you know what the special discount will be for guilds? Sounds like a wonderful project. I will have to let the stitchers in my guild know.

  2. Looks fabulous Jacqueline, you, Elizabeth and Mary have put so much work in this book, congratulations:)) Can't wait to buy it:))

  3. Can you tell us which centuries of embroidery it covers?

  4. I am really looking forward to this! I know Liz and Mike and their collection and it is world class.

  5. OH my, I can hardly wait!! This will be my B-day pressie this year!!