Friday 5 November 2010

Winterthur Quilts Collection On-Line

I shall never forget my visit to Winterthur in 2008, the collections there are simply fabulous. And now you can delight in studying 148 quilts from their collection on-line. There are patched and appliqued quilts, and some stunning whole-piece quilts displaying the most wonderful fabric designs like the one below.Just click here and enjoy!


  1. I followed your suggestion and saw that awesome collection. Very impressive.

    How are you feeling now?


  2. Loved the ones that were shown in Milwaukee. I am on my way to see the rest via your link - thanks!

  3. Usually I read of the collections and exhibitions you feature here and sigh, since there's an ocean between us. But I'm fortunate to live only 30 minutes from Winterthur - and yes, it is a truly amazing collection. In addition to the outstanding quilts and other textiles, the museum also now has on display the "Faith" Jacobean jacket created by the embroiders of Plimoth Plantation. Truly a masterpiece!

    Hope you're feeing better, too. :)