Wednesday 3 November 2010

Beaded Mr & Mrs from the Perpetually Engaging Diary

I was asked to show some of the gifts I receive - this is not always possible as, quite understandably, the senders don't necessarily want to have their work published for all to see. But here you can see some very special gifts sent to my husband and me for our birthdays - our birthdays are very close together, so we merited a matching pair! The designs come from the charts in the Perpetually Engaging Diary, and in this instance have been specially interpreted in beads. We are thrilled to have them - and now have them framed, so we can look at them every day - and every day they make me smile! (Yes, that is exactly how my hair looks in the mornings...)
Perhaps you can see the source for the beaded Mr & Mrs on the middle of the bottom row of these excerpts from the diary.

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