Tuesday 23 November 2010

Send a Friend a (Last Minute) Gift

Left it too late to mail a present? Overwhelmed by international shipping costs? Never fear, we can send a gift and a card to your friend with just 36 hours notice. We can even tell you whether your friend already has the gift you have in mind. What could be neater than that? Well, for a start we send a personalized card with your wishes and your selected image. And for another thing we create an individual web-page as a surprise launch for your gift. And for another thing, we don't charge an extra penny for any of this - just the price of the download. So, does your friend have our delightful Stocking Clocks chart?
Just email me to set up your gift list.

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  1. These are beautiful! I just discovered your amazing blog. I am going to have a Really Good time looking around! Have a great day! Twyla