Friday 19 November 2010

Burlington County Historical Society Auction 20 November - Save The Samplers

You may remember notification of this auction a couple of days ago. Since then many sampler lovers have written to Burlington County Historical Society to oppose the auction of the samplers tomorrow. If you would like to notify your opposition, then you need to email the Society as a matter of urgency. Click here. Jennifer Core of the Tennessee Sampler Survey has written an open letter which she has given permission for you to copy, or you can simply mail to say you agree with Jennifer's letter.
This important sampler stitched by Mary Bowker and belonging to Burlington County Historical Society was left in a locked room for photographing on October 16 and has not been seen since. If you have seen or see it or have any information that may aid in its recovery please contact the Burlington County Historical Society at 457 High Street, Burlington, NJ 08016, 609-386-4773, or the Burlington City Police Department at its main number, 609-386-0262, or on its tip line at 609-233-8548.

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  1. I am saddened to report that the auction did proceed, although it did not realize very much in profit. Five samplers out of the 28 offered went unsold. If you or any of your readers wrote to the BCHS and wish to share your email with me, I am preparing a round-up of the reaction to this auction. If you want to forward your email to me and you DO not wish to be quoted, please indicate so.