Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vierlande Book Winners - and a Threads of Feeling Catalogue Give Away

So, the winners of the 3 Vierlande Books are:
1984 Diary by Eva Maria Leszner goes to Yuko Watanabe in Japan, and copies of the Norddeutsche Stickmuster aus Vierlanden will be sent to Donatella in Turin, Italy and Cara in Wallingford, CT, USA. Congratulations to the winners.
The next giveaway comes as a gift from the Foundling Museum. Today I braved the snow in my cocktail dress and wellington boots to go up to London to attend a very special event at the Foundling Museum at which a new president and vice presidents were inaugurated. Those of you who remember David Coke as a most interesting speaker at Ackworth2006 and Ackworth2008 will be pleased to learn he is one of the vice-presidents. On leaving I was presented with a goodie-bag containing the Catalogue for the Foundling Museum's astonishing and heart-wrenching exhibition Threads of Feeling curated by John Styles. There are hopes that the exhibition will tour the USA at some stage, so those friends across the pond won't have to miss out on seeing these textile tokens left by mothers together with their infants in the Foundling Hospital. It is a sad statistic that less than 1% of babies were reunited with their mothers and the children who survived never got to see the item left by their mothers.
Here you can see a sampler fragment that was left behind with a child. So, I am offering my free copy as a give away. A draw will be taken amongst all purchasers of downloads in the next fortnight and hopefully the winner will be able to enjoy their book for Christmas. Good Luck!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I just purchased Sarah Harris and am looking forward to starting.

  2. Hi,Jacqueline I would be so pleased to enter this give away & take a chance to win.Lots of love.Béa

  3. I do hope that the exhibit comes to the US. It is so heartbreaking yet gives insight into the needlework done. I so wish to win this catalog.
    thank you, maryann

  4. Well, I am trying to find out how to purchase any of these books... is there anyone who could help me buy Threads of Feeling, please?

  5. It would be a great boost to the Foundling Museum if you could purchase Threads of Feeling directly from them : Hazel Bailey is very helpful and will be pleased to serve you.