Saturday 27 November 2010

New Judith Hayle Sampler Discovered - Sells for £480 at Cheffins Auction

This sampler, auctioned yesterday at Cheffins in Cambridge, is dated August 30 1696. The picture is poor but you might want to consider it for a moment. What do you make of it? If you were in a position to bid on this sampler, how high would you go?
Perhaps you can see that the sampler has been worked from both ends. I wonder what happens if we flip the image and enhance it slightly. What do you notice now? OK, you have probably spotted already that this is a Judith Hayle sampler with its twin cartouches bearing on the left hand side the initials IH and on the right (though the first initial is hard to read) the second initial is C for Cussen, the girl who worked the sampler. We have been watching out for this auction for a little time with bated breath to see what would happen. So, you might ask yourself now, how much did this sampler achieve? Sit down, pour a cup of strong tea. The sampler sold for £480. So someone has a lovely bargain! If you read this post earlier, you might have seen the figure £25,000 for the sale price, unfortunately there was a mix up and I was given the wrong figure. We went from one gulp to another!
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  1. HOLEY TOLEDO!!!!!!!! I would have bid as much as I have in my bank account, knowing this was a Judah Hayle! I have been fascinated with these samplers for years, and spotted the tell-tale 'cushion" right away. I wonder who got it? And more importantly, do they know what they have???

  2. Wow!!!
    Did it go to a private collector or a museum? Was anyone paying attention?

  3. Olá! Adorei seu trabalho, está lindo. Esse bordado ficou muito bonito. Parabéns! Um abraço Algecira