Thursday 25 November 2010

Happy Holiday

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving Day. Maybe we should campaign for a worldwide Thanksgiving Day - or Count Your Blessings Day - as we have much to give thanks for. We could do something on that day, at least, to make sure others less fortunate have something to give thanks for also. This Old Glory is for auction at DuMouchelles, Michigan on 12 December. But the original Old Glory was made by the mother of sea captain William Driver and young ladies of his native Salem, Massachusetts sometime in the 1820s. And more on names. I had an email this morning asking me the origin of the word clocks when applied to stockings. Many people like to derive the word from the French cloche meaning bell on account of the clock-shaped designs. I beg to disagree and suggest that cloqué is a far better derivation. It means blistered and cloqué was a fabric with a raised pattern. It was abbreviated to clox by cloth merchants. And a bit more on Kathleen Binns from last night's post: she was a great needle-worker and went on to write needlework and craft articles for Girl and Swift - well known papers for girls.
Now enjoy your day!

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