Wednesday 17 November 2010

Fully Charted Alphabet Freebie for Beatrix Potter Quaker Download

Now we can look forward to a royal marriage to celebrate next year, you may be thinking of creating a special Beatrix Potter sampler for William and his Katie. Unfortunately, OD to LB just won't cut the mustard for this event. So for all Beatrix Potter download purchasers - past and present - there is a special charted complete alphabet to match the style of the initials on the Beatrix Potter Sampler to enable you to insert personalized initials. If you have purchased a Beatrix Potter download then you should have already received instructions for this additional freebie download, if you haven't simply contact me to obtain your copy.
Or you can purchase a copy of the Beatrix Potter Sampler now, if you don't have a copy already.


  1. Jacqueline,

    Is there any way that those who have the printed version of this to get the alphabet too? I do have the original, and can't recall if there was an alphabet for it.

    Many thanks!