Tuesday 16 November 2010

Guildford Museum Sampler Collection

My nearest museum is Guildford Museum and it was here we recorded our first museum sampler collection in 2003. They have a lovely collection of around 100 samplers, with six or seven good ones on regular display. You can always phone ahead to book a viewing with the curator. Here are just two of my favourite samplers in the collection. The first is by Harriott Axtell stitched in 1812 with the unusual verse:
O May I always Ready Stand
With my Lamp Burning in my hand.
May I in Sight Of Heaven Rejoice
Whene're I hear the Bridegrooms voice.
This second sampler by Margaret Briant of 1801 is exquisitely stitched and even though damaged is very special indeed. Margaret states that she stitched her work in the Asylum - which in all probability was an orphanage - where, at least Margaret, had access to fine linen and silks.

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  1. who knew years ago i was in your neighborhood. i stayed in Guildford at an interesting Hotel to be close to train and London. i did visit a great little museum in Horsham and bought a schoolgirl sampler pattern of one of there pieces. i wish i had visited Guildford Museum, next time for sure.