Monday 10 May 2010

Sarah Harris 1786 is Ready

It is a little after one in the morning here - but at last we have everything ready for you to enjoy Sarah Harris' sampler of 1786. There are three downloads for you - the chart is in a black and white pdf for you to print out. Then there are two bonus files for you - a fully editable Cross Stitch Designer file for you to customize to your heart's content and a little ebook of the best of Sarah's motifs for you to work on singly for small projects.
A little word about Sarah's sampler - I have the feeling that she was very much working out the diagrams as she stitched along - so the symmetry is quirky. Sarah's name has all but vanished and so we have reconstructed a corner where you can add your name to Sarah's. To purchase the Sarah Harris Sampler Chart and eBook just click here.

Janice at Traditional Stitches has kindly volunteered to make kits available for this sampler and you can contact her by clicking here.


  1. Jacqueline, Happy Mothering Day! Thank you so much for finishing Sarah's lovely sampler chart file so quickly, despite your run-in with a evil tin of tomatoes I'm very excited to begin stitching this one! Appreciatively, Dianne in Utah, USA

  2. Thanks Jaqueline, for staying up so late to get this to us! I am excitedly mulling fabric choices...I can`t wait!

  3. Ooh, how exciting! And such a lot of hard work to get it done in time, too. Thank you!

  4. Do you sale only file for cross stitch software? ....
    Thanks a lot is so beautiful pattern!!

  5. Not only is there a an editable file for Cross Stitch designer but there is a downloadable chart pdf and eBook of the motifs for anyone to use and print right away.