Friday 7 May 2010

Put On Your Party Hats - It's Friday Night

If you stayed up last night watching the election results you are probably in no mood to party tonight preferring a hot soak instead. However, for those oblivious of our hung Parliament, life can continue its usual giddy whirl. And here are some gorgeous embroidered hats from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to inspire your festive Friday mood. This first gentleman's hat is from Switzerland and belongs to the first half of 18th century. In the age when wigs for men were de rigeur, the men probably looked forward to the time of removing these itchy encumbrances. But if one habitually appears in a wig, being seen without it would be a little like being seen undressed - or worse - without one's make-up! So a fancy hat to retain a comely appearance while schlepping about the house was very necessary.
And here is an example from England dated between 1700-1725 which was the generous gift of Mrs. Frederick Kingston to the museum.
I am grateful to Lynne Anderson at the Sampler Consortium for letting me know that the sampler collection from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is now on-line - just click here to visit.