Wednesday 19 May 2010

Kathy's Raised Work Reigns Supreme

I am very grateful to MJ for telling me about this wonderful item which won first place in the Crazy Quilter's International Yahoo Group purse contest for 2010. I am just so pleased to see that stitchers of today are still flying high the banner for dimensional embroidery and raised work. I have spent the last four years examining the sisters of this piece which were stitched nearly 400 years ago and this piece sits happily amongst them.
Kathy, the creator and executor of this stunning work of tells us that, My mom was so proud! She saw the hours and hours of short-long thread work I put into the sleeves and coat. The hundreds of French knots and the bullions in the hair. The beads were a different story altogether...and are too numerous to count. Each was securely stitched because I plan on using this tote! It has already make a couple of trips to town with me!Many Congratulations, Kathy, long may you continue to inspire us! To read more just click here.


  1. so amazing! i love stump work and this is top of the line. oh to produce something this grand, someday. love it!!!!!!

  2. Wow - this is awesome!!! Kathy your work is AmAzInG!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Gosh, I do admire stitchers who do stumpwork, what an achievement, it is just gorgeous.

  4. OMG - this is gorgeous! I've tried my hand at this technique, but could NEVER approach anything like this piece.