Sunday 23 May 2010

A German Mary Wigham Finish from Sandy

It has been a little white since we have been able to celebrate a newly finished Mary Wigham and so I was delighted to hear that Sandy in Germany has finished hers. And I hope that those amongst you who have not quite finished yours will take heart from Sandy that it wasn't a race, but a project to enjoy. Simply savour what you are working on with all your heart and mind. Of course there are lots and lots of other projects wanting your attention, and there always will be - you are passionate stitchers after all - how could it be any other way for you!


  1. Hi Jacqueline, it is nice to see this beautifull MW from Sandy. I have finished the MW for 2/3. I still enjoy working on it.
    Best regards Willy

  2. Very beautiful! I curious what colours were used??

  3. Fab finish, I love the colour choice.

  4. Stunning color. I love the red. Is that overdyed or several red shades?
    I was wondering how many skeins of floss would it take to complete Mary if doing monochromatic?

    Jennifer Dalenberg
    Feathers in the Nest

  5. So beautiful Sandy!! I love your thread colour...what brand is it? And all over-one too!

  6. Hi all.

    Thanks for your lovely words.
    The Thread was Belle Soie "Grape Juice".
    This is a hand dyed silk. I love this threads for stitching.

  7. Gorgeous! And I love the idea that it's not a race - means I haven't been counted out yet! I'm still plugging away on mine, though it only seems to surface on the days I get together with friends to stitch!


  8. Hi Sandy
    Your work has been terrific!
    Congratulations to the beautiful finnish...