Saturday 15 May 2010

Making Pinwheels with Sarah Harris - Free Instructions Download

The probable purpose of the Sarah Harris sampler was to create a repertoire of motifs for pinwheels. Perhaps you would like to create some Sarah Harris pinwheels for yourself. Here we have mocked up what one of the medallions would have looked like as a pinwheel. Although they were intended to be knitted, you can just as well make them from stitched excerpts on linen. There are 22 patterns for pinwheels in the Sarah Harris Motifs eBook. And you can download a free excerpt of instructions telling you how to make a pinwheel from Erica Uten's Tokens of Love by clicking here.

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  1. Al een hele tijd lees ik je weblog en het is iedere keer weer zo'n aangename verrassing om al die prachtige handwerken tevoortschijn te zien komen.
    Een compliment voor je prachtige weblog is zeker op z'n plaats. De layout is prachtig!