Monday 31 May 2010

Amor Omnia Vincit - Free Download

This week I have been studying old emblem and impressa books which were used as teaching aids for children. Teaching five hundred years ago had more to do with nurturing wisdom, a knowledge of 'right' and philosophical wit and enquiry than calculating how many men it would take to dig a hole. A picture would be chosen with a Latin or Greek motto and the theme would be given to the children to develop in verse. Mottoes such as this - Amor omnia vincit - Love overcomes all - were also accompaniments to banquets and feasts - the mottoes would be read out to entertain people while eating and drinking in much the same way as we read out jokes from Christmas crackers  or predictions found in Chinese cookies these days. (The motto from Bradford's coat of arms makes a play upon this theme and true to its protestant industrial ethos we have Labor omnia vincit - Work overcomes all!) These little cherubs make frequent appearances on old samplers - usually in pairs supporting a garland or crown so I thought we should have one here. Just click on the image for a working size pattern. Hope you love it.

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