Saturday 2 January 2010

New Year's Revolution!

I love the inventive language of 3 year-olds. We had Chuckly (chutney) on our festive ham. (Chuckly goes down so much better - I do recommend your having some when company calls.) In bed we must have Hot Wartles to keep us warm (this may need a picture....) - especially in the areas around our arm-bows, arm-pips and knee-cups. Today I was told I needed a New Year's Revolution. Well, I didn't think I was doing too badly, but there is nothing like a 3 year-old to show up the Emperor's new - and old - clothes. So my New Year's Revolution is simply: no more printing, packaging and air miles for Needleprint Charts and small books. From now on all new charts will be downloadable as Infinity Charts in PDF and Cross Stitch Designer Format. I did a quick inventory check this morning and found that most of our limited edition Quaker charts are now gone, Sarah Spence and Rebecca Jeffcoat are all but finished. Individual charts can still be purchased, but to encourage a little economy with packaging and air miles we are pleased to offer you all 5 Quaker Charts for the price of 3 with free postage. If you already have some of the charts, then what nicer gifts or trades could you have to share? You could even have a little Quaker Pattern Party and raise some money for your favourite charity. I like Win-Win-Win ideas - one more Revolution to add to the New Year's List!


  1. Hi Jacqueline, I love the idea of your 'revolution', it's such an easy way to buy charts, not to mention saving on postage and reducing the amount of packaging, fuel and printing (I only usually print the chart itself, not the lovely picture which is still a must (for me) to receive and refer back to).

    Congratulations on a wonderful past year of Neddleprint charts, hope this year is even better and that you have many more to come.

    (Still working on Mary Wigham...)

  2. We still after nearly 23 years cook stuff in the Milkywave which really embarrasses the six foot oilman who started it all those years ago! And we still talk about the first thing their stepfather made in it - a cake which exploded because he misread the recipe and put in a tablespoon of baking powder instead of a teaspoon!
    Off to see now if my finances will stretch to the chart offer! As I haven't been able to get out for supplies because of the snow I have cash to spare> :))

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. You have made me smile this morning. And Milkywave it has to be from now on!
    A Very Happy new Year, Jacqueline

  4. Jacqueline, fist of all Happy New Year!
    I just love the pdf & jgg idea!
    Thank you so much!

  5. You need a good revolution now and then. Karmen

  6. our three year old g.c noticed our new
    HD television, He said ' oma you have the
    same t.v. as us. now if you need help to turn it on just call me", i may have to take him up on this as technology is starting to escape