Saturday 23 January 2010

Mrs Murphy Rules OK!

Last week you told me how much you liked the Volga Linen items, so I thought you might like to see these items which I stumbled on, created by a Swedish designer with a great Swedish name - Mrs Murphy.
There is a quality of peace and tranquility in these stitching-pattern inspired simple household items such as tea-towels and kitchen boards. They are very understated and a delight to have around.

And the designs work from the kitchen right to the littlest room - why haven't I seen tiles like this in the stores? If you would like more information, here is the contact for Mrs Murphy Designs.


  1. I googled Mrs Murphy Designs and this is what I found
    I love the idea of using stitch patterns to decorate!

  2. it is amazing how such simple designs can make your heart soar. thanks for sharing
    now why aren't they in the stores??

  3. I love these tiles! I'm going to see Mrs Murphy Designs.Couson

  4. I bought two skirts from Volga Linen, and really appreciate the recommendation! :)