Friday 29 January 2010

Do You Know this Woman? Another Mystery to Solve

This is a very special depiction of a woman with child. Various commentators have pronounced that it is an image of the Virgin Mary - or Mary Queen of Scots. Although dating from the 17th century, it is not alone. There is another panel which shows exactly the same representation. I think we need to cast our net wider and like Interpol, pose the questions to all our readers, Do you know this woman? Have you seen this woman before? Do you know who she could be? We would be grateful for any help you are able to give. This raised work item is for sale from Meg Andrews.


  1. From the style of dress, I would say the queen and it seems the virgin mary is off to the left side.


  2. With the virgin Mary and baby Jesus on the left and a cockerel could this be french or spanish perhaps? Jane

  3. somehow, I think it is Elizabeth mother of John the baptiste at the door of the church of visitation in Ein Karem.

    I might be influenced by my visit to this church, this morning

  4. My gut instinct when I first saw it is it`s Mary, Queen of Scots. I have no proof though, just a feeling...

  5. Could be a series of 'slips'-embroidery cut out & stitched to new fabiric? Rather than stumpwork
    Agree Virgin & child on left & probably Mary Q of Scots - hence French cockerel. ? beasts round doorposts are the large fish from her grandfather's arms: Duke of Guise - tho' look more like serpents! Is the 'toad' a mole??