Saturday 16 January 2010

Couson's - and Arzons's Mary Wigham

It is a little while since we've seen a Mary Wigham. Couson in France has now finished hers - here you can see the finishing stages.

But maybe Cousson had a little help? The sampler is signed Couson et Arzon...who is Arzon?
Here is Arzon. Couson says that he didn't want to be separated from his Mary!


  1. cousson would you mind telling me what size fabric you used and the thread, as i am very new to this so professional look of the ladies on the site.
    My daugher rescued a little dog just like yours yesterday he is now in her and her little families comforable care.

  2. Well,I used a Lakeside 40count & several threads Gentle art ,Weeks Dye Works & crescent Colors in different hues of grey,pink & marine blue.Arzon is a little shi-tzu i recued too é years ago because his owner had Alzeimer desease & she forget to feed& go out him.He looked like to be very sad plight!I have 3 shi-tzu but for these reasons he's the most petted.Lots of love to all.couson

  3. Great job Couson and ... Arzon (lol)
    I suspect Arzon has stitched most part of the sampler LOL LOL